Feng Da is a professional Paper Souffle Cup Supplier and Paper Souffle Cup Machine Manufacturer.our technician have 8 years manufacturing Paper Souffle Cup experience.
Our Paper Souffle Cup are suitable for Bakery,Condiment and Medicine.

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cake tray equipment supplier

cake tray equipment supplier souffle cup Whether human or food, first attracted the attention of the customer must be the look. In a batch of similar food packaging, unique always attract more people’s attention,Greatly increased the demand for cake tray machines,cake tray equipment and other such  food packing machines. Some time ago, Canada has a billboard attracted attention. It is located in the ski resort
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Packaging machinery and equipment industry consolidation

Packaging machinery and equipment industry consolidation Why do we need a secondary packaging machinery integration? How integration. souffle cup From the physical properties of a packaging and secondary packaging is not independent of the natural, in the actual process, the primary and the secondary is not particularly clear boundaries, clear distinction between mainly in the food and beverage industry. Reason indus
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Cranberry cotton Cup Cake

souffle cup Description: according to Fukuyama Kamoko’s formula to make this cake is really good taste, oil and water ratio is moderate, the taste is soft, not the name of the cotton cake. After cooling there is a little back to shrink. Estimated to add a little bubble powder can be solved, but do give the doll to eat, it is not added. Materials used: paper cup making machine 3 eggs Low gluten flour 55 grams Co
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