Feng Da is a professional Paper Souffle Cup Supplier and Paper Souffle Cup Machine Manufacturer.our technician have 8 years manufacturing Paper Souffle Cup experience.
Our Paper Souffle Cup are suitable for Bakery,Condiment and Medicine.

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non-woven cultivate soil bag/ container machine

non-woven cultivate soil bag/ container machine Video: Detail: Light substrate mesh bag seedling container is cylindrical intestinal vessel, built-in light seedling raising medium and appearance package is a layer of thin fiber network porous materials, the cutting machine cut out of a single monomer container. “Light substrate mesh bag container for round leaning shape, the appearance is a layer of thin, light
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Automatic Header Card Stapling Machine

Header Card Stapling Machine Video: Header Card Stapler Machine Detail: After the improvement, the operation is more convenient, the service life is longer, it is accurate,  and it can adjust the positioning device and the volume is small, the efficiency is high and the price is low.  This machine had install 2 heads. Machine performance features: the machine is durable, easy to operate, beautiful appearance.  Use th
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Souffle cup machinery is still inadequate

Souffle cup machinery is still inadequate souffle cup machine According to the survey, the global packing machine industry in recent years has been in a growth phase, the future will maintain a high growth rate. Among them, China will remain the leading position in the global packaging machine  market. However, the level of souffle cup machinery technology is far behind the international advanced level, in order to m
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